The Only Guaranteed And Provable Solution For Getting Organized

OrganizeThe single most important skill for getting things organized is the ability to ask good Questions.

Now let me prove it…

Imagine trying to organize something WITHOUT asking any questions.

Try to think of how you could possibly organize something without asking yourself questions such as these:

  • Where should this go?
  • What is this for?
  • Why do I need to have this here?
  • When shall I do this?
  • Where shall I put that?
  • When do I want or need it done by?
  • How am I going to do it?
  • Who do I need to help me?
  • What do I need to do first?

You can see very clearly and obviously that asking questions is the essence of getting organized.

To organize something you need to focus and you need to find options and make decisions. You do that through the use of questions.

Albert Einstein said:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning”

And here’s what top business consultant Jay Abraham said:

“Everything comes from asking questions”

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Or if you want a real-life example of how asking questions helps to get things organized, read on…

My Chat With Audrey

Here’s a genuine conversation I had by instant message on the Internet which illustrates the point of getting organized as being tied to asking questions.

Audrey realized the solution to her problem herself, simply from me being open to listening to her and asking a few questions about her situation…


Oh my god I am so unorganized. But it doesn’t really bother me, UNTIL i have company.

I still know where everything is , but when I clean up, it’s like I have no clue what I did with anything. Help.


Hello Audrey. If you were to be given $1000 for coming up with the best answer to your own question, what would your answer be?


Either that if it doesn’t bother me don’t worry about it or something quirky. I also work a full time job, go to school full time and I am a single parent


do you regularly feel overwhelmed?


i used to, i almost had a breakdown until i realized that everything is temporary and subject to change


ok i have 3 questions:
do you feel you have a small or fair sized living space?
do you think you own too much ‘stuff’?
have you sat and made a list of your rooms, and the ideal stuff you’d keep in each room, including each storage area?


I do think I own too much , But I don’t want to give it to the salvation army because they will only resale the things . I want to GIVE them away but I have no one to give to.
And I think I do not have enough storage space.


ok, do you know anyone with a garage that they wouldn’t mind you putting a couple boxes into for the time being until you figure out who to give the stuff to?


nope. I’ve tried to organize but I only scatter things again


who would you give the stuff to?
You either need to keep it where you have it at home and create storage for it, put it somewhere else for safekeeping, or get rid of it pronto. can you see any other possibile option?


When? – i need like 30 extra hours in my week.


throwing things away can be tough. clarity of life direction will help with what to keep in your life.


what do i do to throw them away? how do i let go even though I thought I did?


Duh. I feel so retarded right now.


sitting alone with pen and paper can allow you to find many solutions to all sorts of problems


u ask good questions


and asking yourself questions



wow we just had the same idea… yes, it’s all about the questions.


so… If i ask it will come to me.


It may well do.
if not, read my articles or use the 7 Steps until the right question or the right answer appears


I write a lot of songs and poetry, but not a lot of questions


then you already have good creativity and flexibility of thinking, just apply the same skill to questions about how to organize things in your life.


WHOA thats a real job right there.


Audrey that will have to be all for the time being, its been nice speaking to you.


You too. Peace.
Ok that was the end of the conversation. So…

…how can YOU use questions to get organized?

Good question…

(couldn’t resist that one)

You and I are constantly evaluating things in our environment.

Which means we are constantly asking ourselves questions, about our surroundings and about our options.

So the good news is that asking questions is something you are already really good at.

There are 6 main types of question

I’m certain that you are familiar with them all 😉

What? Why? When? Where? How? and Who?

Rudyard Kipling put it into a neat little rhyme that goes like this:

“I have 6 honest serving men, they taught me all I knew: There names are what, and why, and how. And where, and when, and who.”

So turn your skill of asking questions to the task of whatever you want to organize.
Don’t be shy about using pen and paper either. Writing your thoughts out make them so much easier to organize.

By now you should agree that asking questions is indeed the provable solution to getting organized.

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7 Steps of Organizing Members can get access here.

Non-members can watch the 7 Steps of Organizing video.

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