Self Improvement

What is the point of personal development?

to be content enough and competent enough to do what our highest visions tell us should be done.

What is beyond personal development?

Creativity. the focus must be taken OFF of the self, off of our person, and put onto what it is we want to create. contribution to others. not in some mysticfal self-sacrifical altruism, but the virtue of selfishness taught by Ayn Rand that man through reason and rational self-interest, serves human kind through value production and development of honest self-esteem.

Nathaniel Branden is an advocate of Ayn Rand and one of the best personal development psycholoogists alive today.

Once we have our bases covered for personal development, the other half of life direction is career development.

Physical health (heard of alkaline foods?) and emotional healing are huge for personal development.

Next articles to come:

Your personal spiritual perspectives.

‘practical’ skills, power, etc.
Next section > Communication in Leadership and othe Relationships.

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