New World Truth

“War is Over if you want it” said John Lennon…

Here comes a puzzle picture that you may find boring, ridiculous or abhorrent.

For the ‘vital few’ that remain, this multi-dimensional puzzle picture may reveal new questions that you have never considered before.

What if…

What if the Illuminati / NWO actually have the long-range goal of FREEING humanity from the clutches of oppressive nationalistic governments and man-made religions?

What if they justify that benevolent long-range goal by ‘any means necessary’ including the creation of war, the use of violence, and fraud for blackmail, extortion and bribery?

What if the global elites and wealthiest people on Earth such as David Rockefeller do not want world domination for themselves, or for anyone else, but want to free us for mass creative business and science in a golden world of prosperity?

What if through economic / banking control they have sought to bankrupt the genuinely dishonest, criminally minded politicians for 200 years?


What if the Satanic accusations and Zionist plot conspiracy theory are tools employed to help ridicule genuine investigations into the Illuminati / NWO agendas, mere smoke and mirrors that confuse irrational religionists from seeing beyond the great seal of esoteric gnostic meaning towards global enlightenment. Lucifer was the bringer of light. So too there is a Saint Lucifer in ancient Christianity. Who turned the bringer of light into a symbol of supposed darkness?

What if there are now warring factions within the Illuminati / NWO?

What if the Occupy Movement is sponsored by the CIA (either the good faction or the bad faction)? With George Soros set up to benefit personally through the Occupy Movement’s supposed aspiration of imposing a ‘robin hood’ tax on investors.

What if 9/11 was planned by the Israeli security agency more than it was by Al Qaeda? And certain Israeli’s parked in a van with a picture of a plain blowing up over New York’s skyline to watch… to ‘document the event’ of 9/11?

What if Gadaffi was about to liberate Africa with a gold backed money supply rather than the US dollar paper (monopoly) money which would take away the power of the Illuminati / NWO?

What if current news events are hiding shifts in the deepest levels of societal control, such as the current political changes in Japan and North Korea.

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than the fictions presented by the Media.

And what if Iran has no interest in developing nuclear weapons as is the excuse for the current invasion plans pursued by NATO, the UN, and the US.

What if the US wants to start WW III by attacking Iran?

What if there are underground cities built by Western powers capable of housing thousands of people (those connected with those in power) to escape biological / nuclear holocaust?

What if the Illuminati NWO agenda can not be achieved under it’s own created financial crisis because it’s support base of power will collapse in on itself, as foresaw by Frank R Wallace and presented in my 2004 short story “I Am Earth’s Survivor”?

What if Benjamin Fulford is more right than wrong?

What, then, is there for us to act on? What messages should we spread? What video’s should we like, tweet and share? What should we expose our friends too, or our community?

A message of no force

Perhaps you’ll agree that the key puzzle piece that really matters and is agreeable to almost everyone is that of individual rights, the Prime Law from TVP; the idea that force is only justified in defence of those that initiate force. That there must be No Force – Except in Self-Defence.

See the Twelve Visions Party manifesto to make all the people rich, including the poor.

Then, and perhaps only then, can we understand that our role is not to be for or against the warring factions within the Illuminati / NWO, but rather to shout fully integrated honesty from the cyber roof tops of Facebook, twitter and blogs.

Not messages of pessimism and learned helplessness, but of optimism based on reason. To stir individual responsibility for health and prosperity. To encourage people to care.

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