Dylan Ratigan’s Epic Rant

Excellent video clip and article excerpts from Dylan Ratigan on the Socieo-Economic and Political situation in the US.

The reality is, by boxing ourselves into a tribal two-party state, we are all part of the machine. And so, in order to change it, we must simply change our own minds. We must reorient our own ways of thinking

peace and prosperity will not be made because we get rid of the animal instincts within us, the competitiveness, the passion, the need to argue. It will happen because we will use those instincts… to build a society that lets us take care of each other and solve our problems.

…we must figure out how to stop giving our consent and legitimacy to an unthinking mechanical beast that runs our lives, a beast which enslaves us to accounting mechanisms like debt ceilings instead of the shared prosperity we seek as a culture and society.

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