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Self-Esteem and My Incompetence

by NathanShaw on December 7, 2009

I’m a Rational Masterind.

Or so says Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator.

INTJ to be exact.  And there’s less than 3% of the population that are.

And I have one tragic flaw…

(I have many flaws, but only one that’s truly tragic)

I feel incompetent.

It’s built into my personality type to feel inadequate.

So can you imagine all the problems that causes me?

Social interactions. Public speaking presentations. Client meetings.  I always questions whether I know enough, if I’ve prepared enough.  To the point of feeling ‘quite possibly totally incompetent’.

Maybe you think you relate.  But your milesage may vary.  Do you have clear insight as to your own ‘main tragic flaw’?

Is it that you feel insecure about people liking you?

Is it that you feel things need to be perfect before you’re fulfilled?

I do highly recommend finding a Myers Briggs personality type test online, you can find them free. Search Google, of course.

But this is about me me me.

I have more email newsletters, website bookmarks, and rss subscriptions than I could keep up with even if I read it all full time non-stop.

And I have worked in more industries, learned about more topics related to career, business, marketing, health, psychology, esoteric philosophy, etc. than just about anyone else I have ever met.

And my incompetence is to not be quite good enough in any particular area.

I want it all. I want to know it all. Indeed I love it all.  But it’s all coming too fast, its all ‘a bit too much’.

The rate of human knolwedge continues at an ever increasing rate.  The threats of politics increase their strangle hold around our necks. Whether you know it or not.

My burden is to see through my ‘rational mastermind’ such opportunity, but to feel the constraint of time, each day, and in my short lifespan.

So I do what I can. To extend my power, my ability, and my life expectancy. Through health, exercise, diet, and staying in touch with technological trends that might free our self-expressive creative capacities, whilst extending our lives.

I guess what I’m after is this…

My archimedean point of leverage.

How can I progress fast enough to feel truly competent that I am contributing and indeed succeeding at the ultimate goal of helping to free society of the constraints of politics, death, and infinite stupidity.

Hahaha.. I have no idea.

And I’ll go on suffering. Go on enjoying life’s rhythms where I can.  Go on experiencing incompetence.  Go on progressing always too slow, yet assuredly in the right direction.

May we gain the time needed to succeed.

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Barbara Nwosu October 11, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Great article.


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