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The Saviours

“I am Earth’s Survivor”

Section B

Desired Reality: Supercivilisation, the Treasure Trove

Get Big Riches, Get Super Smart, Get Absorbingly Creative, ?Get Exquisite Love, Get Peaceful Protection, Get Exhilarated Health
Section B: Your Supercivilisation Bounty

Que continued reading…

A fictional story, a realistic possibility

First, income and other taxes were eliminated and replaced with ‘consumption user fees’.

Politicians with their suppressive laws and force-backed taxes do not exist to hinder businesses or consumers

Consumers money quickly became worth over 8 times what it was under politics!

Technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, delivering abundant Gifts for our quality of life

Crime drops to nothing in a matter of years. In the mean time, society would operate via one rule against the use of force

Business with Science and Art facilitates, creates and / or supplies ALL values to EVERYONE: Ever better quality, at ever-lower prices.

“As long as the exponential increase of your market is greater than the exponential decline of your prices.” – CEO of Kodak, circa 1998

A heaven of abundant prosperity and happiness forever flowed across Earth showering everyone with 6 Gifts.
The 6 Gifts

Imagine a universe ‘without borders or boundaries’, in which business is FREE, showering ?you and your loved ones with 6 Golden Supercivilisation Gifts:


GIFT 1: Total Security

Can you imagine… no creditor’s to satisfy, no bailiffs at the ready, no police camera convictions, no force backed taxation of your income, no VAT on things you buy, no capital gains tax on your property, no micro-terrorist street thugs, no macro-terrorist religious or political war-creators.

What does the phrase ‘Total Security’ bring to your mind? What does it bring to mind in relation to Family / Friends, Occupation, Recreation, and Money?

Property Rights

During the shift in the 2000’s, people came to respect the value of each individual, and the right of all to their own thoughts, creations, voluntarily exchanged goods and property.

‘If the rights of the individual are protected, then the rights of everyone are protected’

The above was hailed by the increasingly insightful and in-the-know populous. The now visibly evil concepts of socialist / altruistic by-gone days of envy and parasitism; mooching and looting, were being nullified.

People not only clearly saw that Socialism, Communism and Self-sacrifice led to impoverishment and tyrannical rule, but they also used business-created technologies and services to protect themselves. They wanted business and technology to be freed from regulations.

Honest integrated, value producers stepped up to squash the old-system political candidates in something called The Great Replacement where career-politicians were voted out, and business-minded appointees were voted in who managed the freedom paradigm revolution in how politics was being structured and conducted.

Even President George Bush used laissez-faire understandings of how capitalism brings prosperity. He was the first of a wave of business-like-political-appointees that increasingly upheld individual rights:

“Government spends a lot of money, but it doesn’t build factories, it doesn’t invest in companies, or do the work that makes the economy go. The role of government is not to manage or control the economy from Washington, D.C., but to remove obstacles standing in the way for faster economic growth. That’s our role.” [applause]. – President George Bush, March 2003

The years following that address saw changes to government metamorphose from cockroach infestations into its proper American Constitution role of voluntarily-paid-for protection services within a Natural Republic.


As the crime rates dropped towards zero, governments shifted focus from prevention of physical aggression and theft, to preventing accidental property damage.

Availability of nsurance Services sky-rocketed as people willingly paid for their property and rights to be protected by super-rapidly-advancing-new-technologies that were researched and provided by insurance / research companies.

Andrew J Galambos illustrated1 how insurance services will assume the role of justice giver and protector. Since they do not want to pay out insurance claims, they would provide services or technologies that prevented the requirement of people making claims.

For example: ‘noise pollution’ could be insured against, by someone paying whatever insurance companies ask, with that insurance company developing and providing the technologies to fulfill their job of preventing ‘noise pollution’. (Note: Inaudible speakers had been developed in the 90’s that blocked other sound waves. It would just be a matter of that technology being developed to surround a house that could prevent noise pollution from entering ones home from outside.)

Anything becomes technologically possible in a Free society where individual rights are upheld and business is allowed to develop new products and services supplied to the marketplace.

What would you want? Can you see the life you would have? And for your loved one’s?


The tax-collectors found that their gobbledygook no longer held sway with citizens whose property and individual rights were protected by a constitution that prohibited the initiation of force.

(Reprinted with Permission from Neo-Tech Publishing)
The Constitution of the Universe?(1976)
The purpose of conscious life is to live creatively, happily, eternally. 
The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.  The Constitution of the Universe guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual. 
***?Article 1
No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self or property. 
Article 2
Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1. 
Article 3
No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2. 
* * *
1. Values exist only relative to life.
2. Whatever benefits a living organism is a value to that organism.
3. Whatever harms a living organism is a disvalue to that organism.
4. The value against which all values are measured is conscious life.
5. Morals apply only to conscious individuals.

Immoral actions arise (1) from individuals who harm others through force, fraud, or coercion and (2) from individuals who usurp, degrade, or destroy values created or earned by others.
Moral actions arise from individuals who honestly create and competitively produce values to benefit self, others, and society.

Does that Constitution make sense to you? How do you see that it would change your life? Elimination of the FDA, IRS, etc? Are these ideas new and strange? Or do they seem clear and quite obvious?

Through that Constitution, no old-style government agency can ravish your property. No old-style government agency can imprison you for ‘victimless crimes’.  You are legally sovereign. No Government agency can ravish your property, no Government agency can imprison you wrongfully. 

When a Freedom Paradigm President was elected, the following was enacted: (Notes from Neo-Tech)

Immediately pardon and free all individuals convicted of “crimes” created from political-agenda laws.
Veto and work to repeal every political-agenda law passed by Congress, current and past.
Work to end all welfare and social programs.
Replace Clintonian toll-booth compassion with genuine compassion
Privatize Social Security.
Fully meet all obligations by paying back with market-rate interest all monies paid into Social Security. (Retirees would immediately receive a small windfall)
Finance this payback by selling government businesses and assets
Permit government activity only in areas of national defense, local police, and the courts to protect individual and property rights. Eliminate all other force-backed government powers and programs.
Disarm all beaurocrats, not honest citizens.
Replace the irrational, envy-based income tax with a rational consumption tax – a national sales tax. Then phase out sales taxes with major budget reductions, market-rate user fees, and the Golden Helmet.
Use revenues only for national defence and the protection of individuals and their property from objective crime.
Help redeemable parasitical elites, neocheaters, and professional value destroyers convert to competitive value producers in the Supercivilisation.

A New Digital Economy

Emailed to me by John Drake:
> …It is also not the duty of government to control money forms of any
> kind. This falls to the super competitive producers who must produce a
> ‘living’ currency to protect the life-supporting means of all men, women
> and children including generations of the unborn without exception. On the
> other hand governments dole out ‘dead’-money and it kills.


> Wipe out central banking systems through a default mode while issuing
> real living currency to all citizens at the lowest cost possible.
> This should be every self-leaders plans because three non compromising
> benefits occur:
> 1) Crimes and fraud become unprofitable and unnecessary to commit
> as they are not natural human behaviours.
> 2) Economies expand relentlessly.
> 3) Economic & social dislocations increasingly become obsolete.
> PS. Do realise, that without the bogus money form we regard
> as money…governments have no power or influence at all!

One of the major precursors in the change over to the new Neo-Tech economy was the work of various digital currency creators, notably J Orlinne Grabbe on Digital Cash.

Use the Total Security Chart for resources:

GIFT 2: Abundant Wealth
Can you imagine your lifestyle even under today’s economic / political condition if you simply didn’t have to pay income tax? Can you imagine what extra things you could afford, a newer car, some new clothes, the simple lifestyle things that make so much difference to us, all for those several hundred pounds, dollars, euros, etc that are currently taken as ‘income tax’?

Now, can you imagine if your money was worth twice what it is today (and if you didn’t have to pay income taxes)? Would you buy better food? Buy nicer presents for loved ones? Drive a better car, live in a better area?

Sometime around 2012

We said NO to Taxes! It was that simple.

When the huge spending budgets of old-style governments were withdrawn, the many hidden levels of taxation were removed, and our money immediately became worth 8-times what it was under the old system of force-backed taxation.

With enough wealth to easily be self sufficient, we didn’t need to rely on any J.O.B (Just Over Broke or Jump Out of Bed – the alarm-clock snooze-bar syndrome) where we swapped our time for money.

The earlier elimination of the IRS and thus income taxes, and most other taxes, all being replaced by consumption taxes or ‘user fees’ rescued the almost crumbled economy to boom worldwide production and commerce to drastically reduce the costs of living and so skyrocket the standards of living.

You now can easily support whomever you need or want, including romantic love partner, parents and children.  You can afford whatever resources you desire and need for living comfortably, optimally, prosperously, healthily, creatively and happily.

People now live a life of passionate ATAC (Abundant Time and Abundant Cash).

Million-dollar condos are now everyone’s reality, not just a desire trapped within frozen sighs of boredom and resigned acceptance. No, these things are now available to you, me and everyone. What incredible freedom from the previous burden of money we have created for humanity now. Before people wasted or rejected the value of money and they felt it was ‘hard to come by’.

“Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up their with Oxygen”
– Zig Ziglar

Use the New Professionals Matrix for building wealth.

Your Other Gifts and So Much More

This explanation of the 6 Gifts is continued in the Internal Processing publication called Identify Your Intent, which is the first of the 4-part Life of Magic series (published elsewhere).

Learn how the new world will facilitate the more personal areas of your Total Security and Abundant Wealth, as well as Optimum Health, Romantic Love, Stimulating Career and Superior Intelligence.

Thank you for being part of the journey.

Background notes
What kind of civilisation do we have today?
What will we have soon? (exciting but not relevant to you?)
If ‘they’ win
If we win
How will we get there? (Or rather, how will YOU get there?)
What does the map on the first page mean for your future?
And who the heck is Que?
What will the WhiteRabbit mean to YOUR life?

The problems of current civilization are now being ‘processed’ with increasing power from the ever-growing LIFE valuing populace of Earth.

Here-in stirs an integration of ideas for helping FREEDOM LOVERS to not only understand, but at long last to use the growing body of information, literature, and resources that are awakening the populace of Earth’s anger towards the causeRs of diminishment and death.

Section A: Your Anticivilisation Battlefield

Section A gives the Anticivilisation picture. Well what is that?! The Anticivilisation is what we DON’T want. You will have the details, references and clips that you can pursue to build an emotional BIG picture of what has happened in the world, what is going on, who are the culprits of this human-parasitism and value-destruction.

This type of understanding is now quite widely spread.

But it’s painful to accept and recognize the current downward journey of our world, especially without understanding or seeing a way out.
Section B: Your Supercivilisation Bounty
Section B begins an explanation of how human problems are solved and desires fulfilled easily in a FREE! society of Business, Science, and Art.

Perhaps you already understand the richness of life available in a society without ‘them’?

The problems of current civilization are now being ‘processed’ with increasing power from the ever-growing LIFE valuing people of Earth.

But to date in the early 2000s; the battle is not over yet…

Societal Processing Poem

Inspired by introductions to ‘Quantum Crossings’ in the Neo-Tech / Zonpower manuscript??

WhiteRabbit, mid-2004

Do, have, and become

A stirring dynamic grows: impregnated via the torment and achievements of Earth’s history, a new child is conceived.

Terms made to dull interest and curiosity: ‘Liberalism’, ‘Freedom’, ‘poppycock!’ think the duped zombified Sheeple.

But that world does exist, within the minds of the young, the dreams and aspirations forgotten by the old, and within the reach of all people today. That world exists throughout the cosmos amongst all conscious life and is coming to a planet near you! It is our future. Will you reach for it?!

A happy life of tranquility, love, exhilaration, and wonder…

Sometime in the future, Nathan Flame sits alone in quiet reflection of the vast changes that accompanied the shifts in people’s views from supporting the three Anticivilisation anchors to views supporting reality, creativity, and love…

A Supercivilisation exists on Earth
Societal Processing Hurricanes demonstrated
better survival exists without “authorities”
which led to…
Slave-Acceptance to Non-Acceptance Ostracism of the parasites,
which meant…
Business gave boundless riches for everyone
Society was no longer stunted by Politics, Media, and Academia,
people were no longer limited by Politics, Stagnation, or the old Death Perceptions.

WhiteRabbits projects will divulge my latest discoveries and advancements in Winning the War of Two Worlds and will develop to show how YOU can Get Involved! to profit BIG time.

“To free people to create the life they picture for themselves deep inside their hearts, by providing the precise information references and tools that will facilitate the manifestation of their dreams and wishes into reality.”

“The person who, at the beginning of a new dream, being cognizant of a rough past makes a pledge to him/herself that he/she will achieve that dream, with purpose and full command, will evoke a tear of joy from the great minds in the universe and will from that moment on live in tune with them” – Gil Magno

Tell people you know about Section A ?of the “I Am Earth’s Survivor”.

Help me make a difference. Perhaps the difference that helps tip the scales in our favor.

Either way, you’re going to find out over the next decade or so right?

Wishing you Peace, Love, Freedom and Live,


Part II

Section C: The Bridge: Getting Involved! (explore the Neuroplasticity blog site)

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